New Cinema

New Cinema is an experimental program designed to explore the next generation of filmmaking, uncovering the medium's untapped potential for new forms of cinematic expression. Co-organized by Eyebeam and The Creators Project, the program will bring together filmmakers, creative coders, members of the gaming community, CGI/3D/motion capture specialists, and companies and research labs in related fields to probe and investigate new frontiers in visual storytelling.

Teams from varying skillsets and artistic backgrounds will collaborate on prototyping new cinematic tools and techniques.The resulting projects and resources will be disseminated through this website to the creative community at large and go on to shape New Cinema.

The Creators Project

Founded by Intel and VICE, The Creators Project is a global arts initiative that supports visionary artists across multiple disciplines who are using technology to push the boundaries of creative expression. The project includes a daily blog and video channel, a content-creation studio, and a traveling event series.



Eyebeam is an art and technology center that provides a fertile context and state-of-the-art tools for digital research and experimentation. It is a lively incubator of creativity and thought, where artists and technologists actively engage with culture, addressing the issues and concerns of our time. 


Framestore is a Visual Effects Studio based in London, New York, and Los Angeles that uses innovative talent and technology to create extraordinary images for every platform. Their work can be seen in all of the Harry Potter films, Where the Wild Things Are, Children of Men, and The Golden Compass, for which they won the Oscar for best Visual Effects.