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M83 - Wait
Take A Glitch-Ridden Trip Through Google Earth
Human Sushi
Experimental Generative Documentary Film CLOUDS Launches Kickstarter Campaign
Zoom Into The Mechanics Of A Dragonfly’s Movements Through Complex 3D Imagery
Witness Daito Manabe’s Surreal Dance Experience For Nosaj Thing’s “Eclipse/Blue” [Exclusive Video Pr
The Night Sky Captured With A Fish Eye Lens Turns Into A Stunning Starry Globe
Take An Audiovisual Coffee Break With This Horror Movie/Cosmic Mashup
Short CG Film Depicts A Blinged Up Ocean Full Of Diamonds And Jewels
FIELD’s Energy Flow: Exploring The Order And Chaos Of “Chance”
Mr. Div’s Latest Video Is An Audiovisual Journey Into The Abstract
This Surreal Slit-scan Film Will Make Your Eyes Wobble
Prepare To Have Your Perceptions Bent In This Optical Illusion Time-Lapse Film
test mike 3
A Troll, Zombies, Robots, Dinosaurs, And A Spider-Man Duvet Cover All Featured In This Insane Music
United Visual Artists Take Op-Art For A Spin

“Benjamin’s choreography is both sensual and melancholic. The features of the dancers are unique and noble, as are their bodies. When I saw a rehearsal, I felt a sense of urgency, sex, and violent introspection. A long time ago I had this idea of somebody finding herself in an eternal loop, going down a hill. A kind of physiological limbo.”Iñárritu

New York In The Day And Night Combine In The Same Image In This Rotoscoped Time-Lapse Film
A Lone Astronaut Becomes Stranded On Another Planet In This Tense Sci-fi Short
Generative Video Depicts Flow Of Traffic As Trippy Trails Of Movement
A Bloodthirsty Teddy Bear Goes Ape In Amon Tobin’s New Two Fingers Video
Meet Galen Pehrson, The Director Of Death Grips’ New Video
Tron Meets 2001: A Space Odyssey In This Amazing Video Of Startrails From The ISS
The Pedestrian Sight Of Pedestrians Gets Remixed Into An Audiovisual Performance
Kaleidoscopic Origami Unfolds In This Music Video For Warm Myth’s “Working” [Premiere]
N1ON’s New Short True Skin Offers A Not-So-Optimistic Look Into The Technological Future
Take A Journey Into Hell With Pharrell Williams’ Head And A Soundtrack By Ennio Morricone
Constellation Matches Abstract VFX With Classical Music To Great Effect [Video]
Download FIELD’s Energy Flow On Android And iOS
Awesome Trailer For Hacktivist Game Uses Infographics To Convey Its Theme
Glowing Boards And Drone-Cameras Ensure This Is Not Your Average Skate Video
A Beautiful Commercial Captured Entirely By A Smartphone Camera and Industrial Robots
Atmospheric Short Film Follows A Forest Creature Captivated By A Mysterious Glow

It makes you question, is this art or is it some kind of YouTube, reality TV, cable television on diet pills, amphetamine-fueled characters that are thrown together?Kirby McClure

A City Morphs And Fluctuates In This Real-time Animation Fueled By Fractals
Get Lost In This Pleasantly Trippy Music Video
Impressive Crowdfunded Sci-Fi Short Created Using Open Source Software
Your Eyes And Mind Will Be Blown By This Light Painting Animation For McLaren’s New Super Car
Watch A Luminescent Snail Invent The Wheel And Experience A Cultural Revolution
Travel To A New Dimension With Céli Lee’s Dream Odyssey