Glowing Boards And Drone-Cameras Ensure This Is Not Your Average Skate Video

Glowing Boards And Drone-Cameras Ensure This Is Not Your Average Skate Video

Skate videos come in many different varieties, a bit like candy—from Chocolate and Girl skateboard crews facing off on their boards around the globe, to no boards, dogboards, or glowboards. Yes, glowing skateboards, as featured in the video Firefly, directed by Jan Minol from Samadhi Production.

The film follows a skater as he travels along doing tricks and stunts, shot with a camera suspended on a RC helicopter so we get a drone’s eye view as the skater journeys on through the darkness, his board illuminating the ground below him as he flies down stairs and glides around the city.

The angle it’s shot from and the illuminated board gives the whole thing an ethereal, almost CG quality, making it somewhat of a departure from your average skate video. You can check out the BTS below.


This post originally appeared on the Creators Project on December 10, 2012


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